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6 Easy Ways for Teens to Make Money During Summer Vacation


Summer vacation is generally viewed as a time for fun and relaxation. Although many teenagers spend their summer days taking advantage of the free time, this break also provides an opportunity to get ahead  financially and professionally. Take advantage of your time out of the classroom by trying out these ways to make money over summer vacation: 

1. Sell gently used clothes on Poshmark or Depop 

Secondhand clothing websites like Poshmark and Depop have recently skyrocketed in popularity, giving teens the opportunity to make some extra money over the summer. Not only will you make money selling your items, but you’ll also increase sustainability and disrupt the fast fashion industry. 

Selling clothing and opening a seller account on these websites is easy! When you decide to sell an item, take a picture of it, list it on the website with a brief description, package it, and ship it to your customer. Once they receive the item, their payment will enter your account. 

In addition to making extra money, selling items on Poshmark and Depop will allow you to gain experience in marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). You can collaborate with other sellers to share listings and use specific tags and keywords to reach a larger audience! 


2. Start a small business on ETSY 

 If you’re crafty, starting a small business on ETSY is a wonderful way to tap into your passion and earn some extra cash. ETSY is a global online marketplace where people can make, sell, buy, and collect unique goods.  Popular selling items include fandom merchandise, jewelry, tapestries, home décor, and personalized gifts. ETSY is a fantastic option for teenagers, because opening an online shop is free and does not require a business license! 

Like Poshmark and Depop, ETSY will expose you to the world of marketing and social media. Many sellers create business accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok to promote their items and widen their audience. Once you have a decent following on social media, consider hosting giveaways and contests to attract more people and give back to your shoppers! 


3. Spend time learning how to invest 

Investing is a useful skill that will help  help you build a financial future. Investing at an early age allows your money to grow and teaches important financial lessons, which can come from trusted parents, guardians, or advisors.   

Although minors cannot legally invest in the stock market, they can open a custodial account. A custodial account is an account managed by a parent or guardian that allows minors to begin investing under the age of 18. These accounts can be set up through a bank, brokerage, or other financial institution and allow a minor to obtain complete ownership of the account when they come of age (usually between 18-25).  

 Once you have a custodial account, learn the best ways to invest your money. The main way to learn investing tips and tricks is from a trusted parent or guardian. There are also plenty of popular accounts on TikTok like MyWallSt, humphreytalks, and briannaparkins that give advice on growing your portfolio. 


4. Organize a yard sale 

Now is the time to get rid of your junk from spring cleaning! Organizing a yard sale with friends and family is an easy way to make extra money and tidy up your living space.  Gather a group of family or friends, sort items into different piles, and decide pricing. Make sure to have a variety of items and price them inexpensively. That way, there are plenty of affordable items to buy! 

It's best to hold your yard sale on the weekend because people are typically most available on Saturdays and Sundays. Don’t be afraid to advertise the event to your community. Some simple ways to get the word out are making flyers, creating a Facebook event page, and promoting the sale on your social media accounts.  


5. Advertise yard work services 

Do not underestimate the need for lawncare in the summer months! Many homeowners do not have the time, physical fitness, or passion needed to effectively maintain their landscaping and are willing to pay someone to help. This presents a terrific opportunity for teens who do not mind spending time outside and getting their hands dirty.  

There are many different opportunities for summer yard work like mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, planting, and power washing. Depending on your experience and the services offered, this opportunity could pay around $20 per hour. As with many of the other opportunities, promoting your small business is key to securing clients. Be sure to advertise on Facebook or Next Door so community members know about your services. 

This opportunity can also extend into the fall and winter months. If you have the time, you can maintain your client base and grow your services by offering to rake leaves or shovel snow. 


6. Complete online tasks 

Thanks to the internet, there are many opportunities to make extra cash online. Although these jobs may not pay as much as other options, you can make a decent profit with a little dedication and hard work. 

Some online employment opportunities include: 

Survey Junkie – complete surveys 

Slice The Pie – review songs, commercials, clothing, and more 

Swagbucks – receive cash back when they buy online from retailers like Amazon, Target, and Starbucks 

Humanatic – review calls for quality purposes and report your findings

The key to making money on these websites is consistency and dedication.  Since many sites only pay $1-$10 per task, it can be discouraging when you first start out. If you want to make a sizable profit, try blocking off time to focus on the tasks like you would with an in-person job.  

Final Thoughts 

No matter which way you choose to make money, it’s never too late to start building your financial future. Taking advantage of the summer free time to make money will put you ahead when it comes to finances, investing, and saving for college. Now, it’s time for you to take action, turn these ideas into cash, and start building towards the future you always dreamed of! 


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